Executive Members

Executive Members, Advisors, and Program Managers of Green Kids Now, Inc.

Pavan-2016-School Pavan Raj Gowda – Founder and Principal Lead: Pavan founded this organization when he was only 8 years old. He is a very passionate environmentalist, and an author of two children books – “Two Tales from a kid“, and “Geckoboy – The Battle of Fracking“. At age 12, he became a professional member of NAAEE (North America Association of Environmental Education). At age 15 he was nominated and become a professional member of ACS (American Chemical Society). He is a Climate Leader and Mentor, and also a member of American Association of Advancement of Science (AAAS).

He serves as the Principal Lead and works along with others and leads by example for other kids. He founded the Green Kids Conference, and is a very dynamic public speaker.

Email: info(at)greenkidsnow.org

Shanti Balaraman – President and CEO: As the president and the chief executive officer of the incorporation; her duties are to preside at all meetings of the members and of the board; shall have the general management of the affairs of the incorporation and sees that all orders and resolutions of the board are carried into effect. She holds Masters in Computer Science, Certified Information Services and Security Professional – CISSP; Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer – MCSE; IT Infrastructure Library standards – ITIL certified, and Internal Auditor in ISO 14001 & 9001; 20+ years experience managing enterprise customers and consumers in Information technology, Strategic Planning, Program/Project Management, with great experience and skills in the various IT services fields, including Services and Solutions Sales and Marketing. Passionate in Environmental Sustainability, Cloud Technologies, Cyber Security, and Biomimicry.

Shanti was also a volunteer member of UN, Transformative Education Forum, US Chapter. She loves supporting kids take action to better themselves and the community. She is dedicated and passionate about helping kids become our leaders.

Email: president(at)greenkidsnow.org

Madhavee Buddhikot – Treasurer and Executive Director – Lead for Science Research and Content Creation, and Co-leads Jr, Scientists and Innovators competitionAs a treasurer she manages the financial conditions and responsibilites of the incorporation, and co-leads our Science and Innovation program.She holds Ph.D (Biochemistry) and is an experienced researcher. Currently, she is a Technical Support Lead at Molecular Devices,LLC. She is passionate about teaching science to kids.
Vinutha Hosahalli – General Secretary and Executive Director – Lead for Environmental Art exhibit, and Co-Lead for Community events planningAs the secretary she manages book keeping and communciations as assigned, and leads our awareness efforts at schools.She holds MS in Environmental Engineering. Experienced in water quality sampling/testing and waste water treatment. She has great research experience in Recycle & Reuse of biodegradable waste. She enjoys teaching kids.
Reena Johar – Board Member – Lead for Community Organizations Outreach and Co-Lead for General FundraisingRini Johar has been a holistic practitioner a homeopathic expert, and health speaker for more than 20 yrs. in the bay area and India. She teaches homeopathy, ayurveda, metaphysical aura/ chakra. She is a global practitioner..Siddhi and has written books in Homeopathy, Aura healing and has been interviewed in all the major radio stations and tv’s globally.She is very passionate about understanding our connection with nature, and enjoys working with children.
Natarajan Gowda – Development Director and Program Manager for Events and Conference Exhibitor Assistance: As a Development Director his tasks are to manage all donations and ensure it is used as per the donars requests, and help with tasks as being assigned by the board. He holds Ph.D, and has been a University lecturer for more than 5 years and later moved to practice. He has been involved in several NGO projects in India and USA. He is passionate about engaging kids in service oriented learning, and environmentalism.

Board of Advisors

Amita-2016 Amita Gowda – Youth Board Advisor: Amita became the youth board advisor at 9 years old. She has been a passionate volunteer, and is an excellent public speaker. She raises awareness on various environmental topics especially Alternate Farming Methods – Hydroponics, and Alternate Resources of energy.

Program Manager

Ashley Campbell – Program Manager for Plastic Caps Recycling ProjectAshley is a new resident of Fremont having only been here since 2011. She has a B.S. in Earth Sciences from UC Santa Cruz, and a Masters of Environmental Education from Concordia University. Ashley is very passionate about environmental protection and sustainability. Currently she is working as a full-time Barista for Whole Foods Market, as well as part-time for a local coffee shop here in Fremont called Mission Coffee. Ashley uses her spare time to volunteer for Green Kids Now as well as the Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge in Alviso.