Food Choices and Healthy Living

Food Choices & Healthy Living

Food Choices and Healthy Living

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     Project Sponsor: Whole Foods Market

     04/2017: Thanks to Whole Foods Market for their $1000 award

     towards the “Food Choices and Healthy Living” project!

 Current Team: Amita Gowda, Shivani Sharma (5th graders),

Saniha Dogganahalli, Sai Shreeya Vetsa (4th graders), and Nakshatra  Rajendran (2nd grader)

 ***This page will be updated often as more content is created by our youth leaders. Please check back again***

Our youth leaders have taken on the task to raise awareness on this very important topic.

Pesticides  by, Amita Gowda (5th Grade)This artwork is about chemical pesticides. In this art, farmers are wearing hazmat suits while spraying the pesticides. If the chemicals are that harmful when it comes in contact with humans, how is it safe to eat?
 FoodChoices  by, Saniha Dogganahalli (4th Grade)This artwork is about food choices.In this picture board, there are examples of balanced meal, healthy (natural) food choices, and some food that should be avoided.
EatingUnhealthy    by, Nakshatra Rajendran (2nd Grade)This artwork is about eating unhealthy foodHow are people affected by unhealthy food? People are getting more diseases and becoming more obese. 
Farm-diorama  by, Shivani Sharma (5th Grade)This artwork is about Healthy Lifestyle = Healthy EnvironmentPlants and animals, just like people, enjoy being outside in the fresh air. When plants are grown in open farms with non-GMO seeds, organic and natural fertilizers, they produce healthier crops.Animals such as cows, sheep, goats and chicken, when raised in open areas, feeding on fresh grass/feed are healthier and not stressed, produce better milk, eggs etc.They do not need growth hormones to produce better products.We can encourage farmers by buying local organic produce, milk and eggs, in farmer’s markets and stores that promote local farmers and businesses.
 HealthyFoods    by, Sai Shreeya Vetsa (4th Grade)This picture board is about Healthy FoodsThe picture board gives a brief overview of the nutrients and minerals from various food sources



Presentation at BASIS Independent Fremont Private School

Date: 04/17/17

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Presentation at Fremont Earth Day Fair

Date: 04/22/17

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